Allods Anniversary Event
Allods Anniversary Event

Dear Sarnaut,

We wish to invite all Allods Online players to join us in celebrating the First Anniversary of Allods Online running under My.com operation! In honor of this special occasion, all players of level 20 and higher will receive various gifts via in-game mail.

Not level 20 yet? Don't worry, you'll receive these rewards even if you hit level 20 later!

Hero's Anniversary Robe
Hero's Anniversary Tunic
Hero's Anniversary Pauldrons
Hero's Anniversary Crown
Anniversary Horn of Abundance
Iridescent Jar
Small Incense Kit

No celebration is complete without dancing - and you don't need blue suede shoes in order to learn some new moves, so keep an eye out for dancers in your capital city as they'll be happy to teach you a funky new celebratory dance! If that isn't enough, the Holiday Committee will gladly assist you with trading commemorative coins for special souvenirs and items - ranging from additional costumes and fireworks, to wolf mounts, stamps, megaphones, anniversary wings, costume chests and a wide range of other goodies.

You can also acquire more rewards, items and costumes by completing quests and opening anniversary gifts!

It's been a great year thanks to you, the players! We humbly thank you and wish you all the best for 2015, and look forward to having even more adventures together! Until then, don't forget to join us in the Anniversary Dedicated Thread!

-The Allods Team