Astral Traders Competition
Astral Traders Competition

Dear friends!

While all of us are waiting for a new Allods global update, let's take a closer look at one of the most interesting features of this game — Astral ship travels. In future, we will upgrade Astral, and it will be very interesting to see how massive astral flights might become!

But now we want to make a small competition!

Many of you might remember Trade Wars in Astral:

  • You can transport and sell Etherium, Pure (as a reward for killing astral demons) and Raw (that can be bought in astral hangar), to the Free Traders Post.
  • Selling Etherium regularly will allow you to buy Ethereal Solution needed for manufacturing, at a discount price.
  • And by delivering Ethereal Solution to a manufacture you will replenish its stock, and also get the ability to buy Etherium Crystals that are in great demand at the Free Traders Factory!
  • Ethereal threads are produced at the factory, and you will receive a reward for delivering them to your fraction's hangar.

Today we're only interested in Etherium Crystals!

The objective for players will be to sell as many Etherium Crystals as possible, starting on November 29th, and ending on December 3rd. The winners will receive 30 000 premium crystals shared among all ship's crew members. And teams of second and third places will receive 6 000 and 3 000 premium crystals respectively!

To participate, sign up your team in the dedicated forum thread.

Your application should look like this:

  • Ship's name.
  • Captain character's name.
  • Character names of the rest of the crew.

You're not allowed to replace team members. Only the players listed in the application form will receive the rewards.

Good luck!