«Blood Tournament»: First day of final
«Blood Tournament»: First day of final

Dear friends!

Last combats of the Blood Tournament will begin soon. The final stage will last two days: Novebmer 24th and December 1st.

The combats will be set according to the tournamet grid that is linked below. In the same grid you can immediately track fights results.

The first day of the final stage will begin with the following groups:

Final pairs

LilPeep, PandaHero, Kardashian 20:00 Eddie, Eddy, Eddi
Bard, Psyonicist, Vvarden 20:00 RedRocket, Escanor, Shinna
ChromosomeBoi, Scout, Quazar 20:00 Khabib, test, TantseVAT
MagicWomen, Fleksya, MagicBoy 20:00 SuperHegel, Sevastorium, Arthas
Scorching, BladeStorm, Phantom 20:30 LordVoldemort, Bellatrix, Hello
Xophy, Kingduffy, Vidgelo 20:30 LeeroyJenkins, Tripoloski, NotLikeThis
OmegaLuL, Hulio, UnnamedSRTV 20:30 Huhu, Haha, Hih
Xerxes, Zero, MePizza 20:30 FrodoBaggins, Gollum, SamGamgee

Tournament grid

More about the tournament and prizes

Extended list of rules and Tournament's schedule

We wish the participants exciting fights!