Cartoon Contest - How I spent My Summer!
Cartoon Contest - How I spent My Summer!


Dear Players,

The summer is coming to an end, the Tropical Atoll season is drawing to a close, and it's time to think back over your summer events!

Moving on from the photo contest, we're now asking you to create a short Comic Strip depicting your favourite time within Allods over the summer! We're looking for a Comic that shows some of your favourite scenes - Such as singing in the Karah-Koi, betting on the crab races from the Tropical Atoll, taking on Maus in the Battle of Summerhold, or something less summer related, maybe your favourite guild raid, a goblinball match, exploring the gameplay changes within the 5.0.01 update, or any other in-game activity.

  • The cartoon should be 5 to 8 scenes long.
  • It can be made using any graphics program, or even hand drawn for the old school artists. Screenshots will be accepted as long as they are cut in the form of a comic. However, as this is easier, the comic should be 12 to 15 scenes long (if you are only going to use screenshots).
  • In the case of impressionist art (or anything else where the meaning may not be clear), please don't forget to leave a description within the comic, or added to the forum post with the submission.
  • Post your submission in the dedicated thread.

We will choose three of the best submissions and the winners will be rewarded with the following:

1st. 5000 Premium Crystals, 4 Anniversary Platinum Coins.
2nd. 3000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins.
3rd. 2000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins.

All submissions will be judged and reviewed regardless of the language spoken.

This event will begin on September the 9th, 2014 and end on September the 27th, 2014 at 11:59 PM CET.