Cocktail Contest – Results!
Cocktail Contest – Results!

Dear Sarnaut,

Due to lack of staff at the Tropic Atoll last month, we asked you, the community, to step behind the bar and shake-up refreshing drinks for the tourists using your own ingredients, in return for an arm full of summer prizes (such as your own choice of Allods swimsuit).


With sick-bags at the ready (just in-case), we tasted all the entries and now feel tipsy enough to unveil all the winners – but first, a list of what was at stake:

PRIZES (per server)

Rank Prize
1 Swimsuit of your choice
3,000 Premium Crystals
4 Anniversary Platinum Coins
2 Swimsuit of your choice
2,000 Premium Crystals
3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins
3 Swimsuit of your choice
1,000 Premium Crystals
3 Anniversary Platinum Coins
4-10 Swimsuit of your choice
500 Premium Crystals
2 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 3 Anniversary Gold Coins

Without further ado, here are the winning bar-staff members and their devious creations!

New Frontier


Smuggler's Paradise

We’d like to congratulate all winners and give a huge thank you to everyone who helped keep the Tropical Atoll tourists happy with their creatively delicious drinks. Enjoy your summer costume and have a nice, relaxing swim before the next contest!

-The Allods Team