Community Contest: Costume Assembly - 07/10/16
Community Contest: Costume Assembly - 07/10/16

Dear Sarnaut,

With the approach of 7.0.2 and the final battle against the Architects just around the corner, the combined forces of the League & Empire are preparing for the trials ahead. Some are saying their prayers and collecting ingredients for their 'last meal', while others are already convinced that victory is assured. What better way to cement this mindset than to select your best garbs and combine them into your future victory celebration outfit?

The Holiday Committee – always ready to pick up on new trends – have decided to turn this simple concept into a contest of their own. From the 7th until the 17th of October, they will be offering great prizes to those who compose a memorable 'custom' outfit using garbs and clothing of their own choosing. As expected, simply wearing a full matching outfit (such as all pieces of an existing class costume) doesn't cut it – they are looking for innovative or simply well-matched pieces of clothing that form a 'custom' costume of your own making.

Let the battle for the best custom community costume begin!


Here's what you can win as part of the Costume Assembly contest:

  • 1st–3rd place - 5,000 3v3 + 5 Anniversary Platinum Coins.
  • 3rd–6th place - 3,000 3v3 + 3 Anniversary Gold & Platinum Coins.
  • 6th–10th place - 2,000 3v3 + 2 Anniversary Gold & Platinum Coins.


► Players must use the wardrobe function to mix-and-match the perfect outfit, then take a screenshot and submit it to the costume assembly entry thread before the 17th of October (23:59 CEST).

  • Bonus points for creativity (ie. not just all pieces of one set).
  • No more than one entry/post per player/account, so dress to impress!

► You can take additional screenshots to showcase the outfit if you have all the pieces.

  • (Max) Three screenshots at different angles. For example: One screenshot of wardrobe, one screenshot of the outfit in general, one screenshot from the back.
  • MUST use imgur.com to upload screenshots. Screenshots provided through other hosts will not be accepted.
  • MUST include character name & server in their entry.

Once the entry phase is complete, we'll collect the entries and select the best and most innovative custom outfits and reward the winners with valuable prizes!

Good luck in the contest, and in your upcoming war with the architects!

-The Allods Team