Contest: Name the Server - Winners
Contest: Name the Server - Winners


As suggested by Atria and voted by you, the community, update 8.0.1 shall see the opening of our brand-new server – forever to be known as: Equilibrium!

This is a monumental occasion for Allods Online – a chance for a fresh start, or a perfect beginning for those who are new to Sarnaut, all on a new home (server) named by you, the community, which will be showered with bonuses and goodies to ensure that both new and old players have a fantastic time.

The polling for our server finalists ended last night at 17:00 CEST, since then our team have been working hard at double checking to make sure all of the votes cast were genuine. Sadly, this was not the case. We have removed all the false and duplicate votes that were made by players. The finalists that also took part in such actions have had their entries disqualified from the contest and as such the winning server, along with the runners up do not reflect that of the poll we created and asked you all to contribute to.

We want to give a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the Name the Server contest. Please join us in once again congratulating our top-5 entrants:

And just like that, you’ve made history. Thank you all once again for taking part in this moment – we can’t wait to login to Equilibrium down the road and look at Allods Online through fresh new eyes once more. Whether you decide to enjoy all the great changes on the existing servers, or start over anew on Equilibrium, we look forward to taking part in new Sarnautian adventures alongside you in update 8.0.1!

-The Allods Online Team