Creative winter olympics 2019
Creative winter olympics 2019


The creative winter olympics of 2019 start today! Use this chance to challenge your skills and unleash your imagination until February 3rd! We invite all creative players to participate in this event! Try not to miss it if you like to draw, write music, make short funny videos (coubs) or create something with your hands!

This is how we do it

Make a 10 seconds video about your character celebrating New Year or spending their winter holidays, by using a popular video sharing service COUB. Submit 1 to 3 of your videos on the dedicated forum thread.

Authors of the most beautiful and funny videos will receive 3000, 2000 and 1000 crystals for I, I and III places respectively. Some of the participants will be rewarded with incentive prizes of up to 300 premium crystals.


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Zayan's Gallery

A competition for artists and illustrators. The goal is to create an Allods related illustration (1590 x 400px) or a desktop wallpaper. It can be an image of a landscape, some activity of Allods' inhabitants, a recreation of Sarnaut's events and scenes. The competition is not limited to digital art, with traditional art form falling under a separate category. If your image is not digital, make sure to provide a good quality photo of it. The highest reward is 10000 crystals.

  • The best illustration may become our facebook page cover for 3 months (only the winner of Digital Art category).
  • The best desktop wallpaper will be permanently placed to the media gallery of the official website.

Some of the participants will be rewarded with incentive prizes of up to 500 premium crystals.

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Winter Tune

We didn't forget about the musically gifted players. To participate, perform a cover version of one of the tracks below:

  • Play one of the main soundtracks of the global updates. For example, «Heart of the World» (5.0).
  • Play one of the winter-themed soundtracks. For example, «Frozen Echo».

You can find most of the soundtracks here. It's allowed to make a cover version of only a part of the soundtrack.

Highest reward is 7000 crystals. Incentive rewards are up to 500 premium crystals.

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New Year's constructionism

This competition is for everyone who likes to craft with their own hands. Your goal is to replicate one of the buildings from Allods Online. Let the Architects envy your talent!

Main rewards: 8000, 5000 and 3000 crystals for I, II and III places respectively.

Incentive rewards: up to 300 premium crystals.

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Creative winter olympics don't have any mandatory disciplines, you can participate in any of them, or in all at once! At the designated time jury will review every submitted work and generously reward the winners. Besides that, many participants will receive incentive prizes. Don't miss this opportunity!

You can submit your works until February 3rd!

Players of the p2p server can request Marks of Accomplishment instead of crystals as their reward.

Wish you luck!