Fright Fest III: Triple Event
Fright Fest III: Triple Event


Dear Sarnaut,

It's time to frighten the bogeyman, trick or treat the neighbours, and carve evil pumpkins to scare away ghosts and ghouls as part of the Allods tradition - Fright Fest!

The Allods Team only partially survived the madness last year!

Now that scary times are creeping up once again, we'll be taking Halloween to the next level by bringing a frightful media frenzy to the Allods Guild Portal, opening the doors for the community to share their scary stories, mysterious movies and phantasmal photos all at once!

We'll be rewarding the top submissions in each category with a pumpkin full of premium crystals, so if you give us goose-bumps, we give you prizes - and there will be three different media contests to take part in all at once!

  • Horror Stories!:
    Take a seat by the camp-fire and tell us your scariest Allods tale! Express your written talent for a chance to win premium crystals. Only entries in text format (without pictures) will be accepted!

  • Horror Selfies!:
    Whether it's as simple as creating an Allods mask using a piece of paper, or showing off an elaborate costume - We'll be accepting pictures of our community showing their devilish Allods side in our Horror Selfies contest. Show us that you are the one we should fear this Halloween and we will pay you premium crystals to stay away!

  • Horror Movies!:
    If you prefer the limelight instead of shadows, then it's time to produce your scary movie masterpiece! Sit in the director chair and craft a short scary movie (in-game, or out) for a chance to enter Allods movie history. We can't promise you Oscar Awards but we can offer a pocket full of premium crystals!

Need some movie making inspiration? Check out the movie entries from 2013 and 2012!


Fright Fest Rewards (per category):
- 1st Place: 5000 Premium Crystals
- 2nd Place: 3000 Premium Crystals
- 3rd Place: 2000 premium Crystals

These rewards will also apply per language for the Horror Stories contest.

Note that unlike most other events, Fright Fest takes place exclusively on the Allods Guild Portal. That way, you won't have to win a contest in order for your contribution to give the community nightmares for years to come!

The event begins on the 20th of October and ends on the 8th of November!

We look forward to reading (and watching) your hair-raising content!

-The Allods Team