Guide of Creation: Results
Guide of Creation: Results

“In return for a special prize each month, we’ll be challenging you with special custom tasks that could be related to any and all facets of Allods Online, such as levelling, dungeons and raids, boss hunting, crafting, exploration, content creation… The possibilities are endless”.

The latest custom challenge, Guide of Creation, has now been concluded – time to check out the winning entries!

This particular challenge focused on bettering the Allods experience for new players by providing guides about “Creation”, the latest Allods update. Players could also choose to review the update instead, giving more perspectives for both old & new players.

Before we announce the winners, here is the prize-list for this particular challenge:


  • 1st: 5,000 Premium Crystals, 4 Anniversary Platinum Coins
  • 2nd: 3,000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins
  • 3rd: 2,000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins

As always, if a winner resides on Smuggler’s Paradise (P2P), the reward will be converted into subscription time.

Without further ado, here are your winners!


1st Place (Text): Aufseher

2nd Place (Text): wilds

New Frontier

1st Place (Text): Noah

1st Place (Video): Nuie

2nd Place (Text): demaiin

3rd Place (Text): Talishman

Smuggler's Paradise

1st Place (Text): BILGEKAGAN

We’d like to give a big thank you to those who shared their thoughts and guides regarding Creation, and look forward to the next monthly challenge. What will it be? Time will tell!

-The Allods Team