Happy Birthday, Allods! (2018)
Happy Birthday, Allods! (2018)

Welcome to Allods fourth birthday under My.Com operation! We’ve got a double whammy in store for you this year – take part in a brand-new battleground, and get the most out of Allods thanks to an upcoming Lucky Moment Marathon!

The Dragon's Treasure

This year is also fortunate for those who lacked Anniversary Coins. All characters of level 20 or higher will be able to participate in a new team battle – The Dragon’s Treasures – a great way to win your desired currency, such as copper, silver, and even gold anniversary coins!

Jub1 Jub2

You can save your Anniversary Coins for later or use them to buy souvenirs from festival vendors who, as always, have plenty of curious goodies up for grabs during the celebration! Check out the dedicated page to view the rules!

Lucky Moment Marathon!

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! Seeing as the demons have become more predictable in their annual assault on the League and Empire, both Yasker and Aidenus have ordered the instigation of Lucky Hours for both factions, hoping to keep everyone in good spirits despite the dangers ahead. Thanks to them, you will get to enjoy a whopping schedule full of frequent server bonuses, so be sure to check the below schedule and plan ahead!

Date Lucky Moment
16.03-26.03 Fate's Gifted Smile
17.03-18.03 Lucky Day
18.03-19.03 Harnessing the Elements
19.03-20.03 Victory Trumpets
19.03-20.03 World of Sport
20.03-21.03 Lucky Day
21.03-22.03 Astral Treasure
22.03-23.03 Marauder's Reward
23.03-24.03 Harnessing the Elements
24.03-25.03 Victory Trumpets
25.03-26.03 Festive Mood
26.03 World of Sport


Happy birthday, Allods - and happy hunting, everyone!

Allods Team