June Monthly Challenge Results!
June Monthly Challenge Results!

At the beginning of June, we introduced our very first monthly custom-made challenge: we challenged you to record a short and sweet video of your character levelling up on the new server (Equilibrium) OR enjoying a well-deserved break in the Tropic Atoll.

We've had a lot of fun checking out your video diaries on YouTube & Twitch and we're happy to announce that the contest results are in:

1st: Vengador (New Frontier)

2nd: Adaya (New Frontier)

3rd: WolfTurk (New Frontier)

A huge congratulations to all winners and a hearty slap on the back to all contributors. No matter the outcome, it's a pleasure to see these memories stored for future viewing pleasure. Look back on your creations with pride and never forget how far you've come, for the Sarnaut road is long and there will always be another adventure waiting for you just around the corner.