Lex's Event
Lex's Event


In the year of 4015 of the Old Era, the Great Cataclysm struck Sarnaut. The planet was shattered and allods, islands from the planet's remnants, emerged. Only the Great Mages could resist the disaster. However, 12 brave men - the Great Martyrs - had to give their lives to protect the world with their knowledge and power.

But their might remained as auras amongst the living and was later discovered. Those who were born under the sign of a Martyr are lucky to gain special powers – depending on their patron.

In the continuation of the Patronage Event we say our last thank you to Ulf for his great sacrifice and move on to showing our respects to the next of the Great Martyrs.

We call on all the sharp witted patrons of lex to join us as we give thanks, for the sharpness of your blades while you prepare to take on the next epic battle. In return, from July 27th until August 27th Lex will convey his blessing on all of his followers.