Lucky Hours: 14/02/15
Lucky Hours: 14/02/15


Dear Sarnaut,

It's time to enjoy more Lucky Moments for both servers!

During the 6.0 preview stages, we asked for 250 likes on three articles - and you made it happen!

Thanks to you, we'll be running Lucky Moments between 00:00 Server time on Saturday the 14th of February, and 00:00 Server time on Sunday the 15th of February.

Due to reaching the goal (x3), you will receive Increased Amalgam from Battlegrounds, Increased Gold from Quests, and the cost of upgrading Epic Equipment has been reduced!

We hope you enjoy these events!

Note: Through the 6.0 preview stages, if multiple 6.0 news during a week gets 250+ likes each, additional lucky moments are unlocked!

-The Allods Team