Lucky Moment Marathon
Lucky Moment Marathon

Dear players,

In light of recent events we have decided to launch a Lucky Moment Marathon as a compensation for all players who were incorrectly flagged by our anti-fraud system. The team is hard at work ploughing through support tickets and hopes to be done with most of them by the end of the day.

We appreciate your understanding, cooperation and honest feedback which we have received in volumes.

As you can see, obtaining crystals for real money from third-party sellers is not only illegal, but can be extremely bad for everyone and is really harmful to both the game and you as players. Remember that crystals involved in such transactions are likely purchased through stolen credit cards or transferred from hacked accounts. Don't let the price fool you!

So, in hoping to lift everyone's spirits Administration announces that from January 27th to February 5th you will get to enjoy a full schedule of frequent server bonuses, so be sure to plan ahead!

Here's a detailed plan of activities:

Date Lucky Moment
27.01-05.02 Fate's Gifted Smile
27.01-28.01 Lucky Day
28.01-29.01 Harnessing the Elements
29.01-30.01 Victory Trumpets
29.01-30.01 World of Sport
30.01-31.01 Lucky Day
31.01-01.02 Astral Treasure
01.02-02.02 Marauder's Reward
02.02-03.02 Harnessing the Elements
03.02-04.02 Victory Trumpets
04.02-05.02 Festive Mood
05.02 World of Sport

Hope you have a good time,

Allods Team