The Magic Lamp Event Returns!
The Magic Lamp Event Returns!


Ladies and gentlemen of Sarnaut,

When legends come true and magic is in every corner of the land and the Astral, there is an amazing item that can make your wish come true! Yes, it is true, the Magic Lamp is coming back for everybody in the League and the Empire!

Why is it magic? You won't see a genie popping out of it and asking for your wishes; that's just a tale! But the reality is even better: the Magic Lamp will give you a percentage of Bonus Premium Crystals for topping up your account! They will allow you to obtain the items you dream about from the Boutique, from mounts to outfits, from potent elixirs to Astral items for your ship!

Stop dreaming, it is time to rub your Magic Lamp and try your luck!

From September 12th until midnight on September 17th 2014, the Magic Lamp comes back to Sarnaut! Keep on reading to discover how it works and to obtain free Bonus Premium Crystals!


In order to receive your personal lamp, just talk to the Postal Worker to check your in-game mail.

chest All characters higher than level 4 will receive a letter containing an item - the Surprise Box.
You need to take it from the mail and click on its icon in your bag to activate the Magic Lamp while the Magic Lamp event is active on the server

Take the item from the mail and click on its icon in the bag to start using it. You will activate the Magic Lamp.

How does the Magic Lamp work?


The Magic Lamp will give you a percentage of Bonus Premium Crystals after you top-up your account. (Don't forget to activate the lamp before you top up!)
When you activate the Magic Lamp, you will discover the random percentage you will receive. You can obtain from 10% up to 200% Bonus Premium Crystals on your top-ups. The maximum amount of Bonus Premium Crystals is 1,500. You will have two additional chances to increase this. All you need to do is click on "Accept".

Remember that you will be able to use only 1 Magic Lamp for each account, the remaining characters will receive Confetti when opening the Surprise Box.

The minimum amount of Premium Crystals allocated to your account when you activate the Magic Lamp is 75 (so when you get 10%), the maximum is 1,500 (when you get 200%). You can check how many more Bonus Premium Crystals you can receive if you hover the mouse over the Magic Lamp icon on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

It's easy, isn't it? Just remember that the Magic Lamp has to be used during the event in order to obtain the Bonus Premium Crystals with your transactions.


From September 12th until midnight on September 17th 2014 the Magic Lamp event will be active on Allods Online!

Use it to obtain Bonus Premium Crystals when topping-up your account!