Mausoleum of Sparks
Mausoleum of Sparks


The Mausoleum of Sparks has been a lure for the greatest heroes for centuries. Tep used the huge power, that the Mausoleum was giving him, to conduct his heartless experiments over the Sparks of Sarnaut citizens. This might beyond compare still thrills the mind and hearts of the brave. Many of them are ready to risk their lives to receive a small part of it.

Mausoleum of Sparks

The fourth season of the Arena of Heroes, in the legendary Mausoleum of Sparks begins today! All of you, heroes of Sarnaut, will be able to challenge the destiny and fight through the crowd of enemies, for the right to be called a Champion! Participants of the Test of Valor will receive their well-deserved reward at the end of the season. The names of the greatest Champions will remain forever in the Hall of Fame.

Good luck to all the challengers!