May Holiday Event
May Holiday Event

Spring finally brought us warm and sunny days! Isn’t that a wonderful time to get together with your friends and celebrate the amazing May holidays by going out and enjoying a barbeque? Yes, indeed! And we’re glad to announce that May holidays start today in Sarnaut!

If your character is of level 20 or higher, then hurry up to Holiday Committee officials: Zabava Mayskaya, at the Main Square in Novograd or Maya Styagina in Nezebrad, cause they are the vendors which will let you take part in the event.



You can trade your Anniversary Coins for a set of valuable objects:



Our advise is to ask for the Victorious Banner, equip it immediately to gain a special effect: Ready for Deed

Fight the enemies:

Entering Combat

And receive heroic deeds for your actions:

Heroic Deed

The effect is stackable, collect more of these, go back to the Holiday Committee Officials and turn the Heroic Deeds into gifts by using the stationary Victorious Banner:


And remember: the more Deeds you collect, the better and more gifts you get:

Tiny Small Medium Large
1-49 heroic deeds 3 0 0 0
50-199 heroic deeds 5 2 0 0
200-499 heroic deeds 6 3 1 0
500-1190 heroic deeds 5 4 2 1
1190-1200 heroic deeds 2 6 3 3

You can increase the number of heroic deeds you’re getting by participating in another very pleasant activity – kebab preparation. Take the quest from the Holiday committee Officials, and get supplies and ingredients for a good kebab: marinated Meat, Barbecue and Firewood from Silantiy Vinegarov in Novograd and Timur Kefirin in Nezebrad:

Timur Trade

Once you’ve got everything you need, find a nice place outside your capital and spend a pleasant time cooking your kebab:

May bbq

Depending on how you like it, you can make your kebab: raw, overdone or well-done, and get your bonus heroic deeds:

May Kebab

The event starts on April 30, 0:00 CET and ends on May 31, 0:00 CET. Happy Holidays!

May Banner

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