May Holidays: 2015
May Holidays: 2015

Dear Sarnaut,

Tired of the cold winter and slushy spring weather? Don't worry! The month of May is destined to bring warm days to the citizens of the League and Empire, who are already preparing picnic baskets to be enjoyed in the sun alongside friends and family. Even Yasker and Aidenus are composing warm speeches to give to their people, in the hopes of encouraging everyone to perform good deeds in the name of their country!

Does the thought of sunbathing with a tasty barbeque, in-between performing heroic deeds in the name of your faction, appeal to you? If so, don't miss out on the bright and breezy May Holidays - which is active between the 23rd of April and the 20th of May!

During this time, players of level 20 and higher will be able to take the time to enjoy a well deserved rest in the sun before performing heroic deeds to receive festive gifts.



The Holiday Committee will also be willing to trade Anniversary coins for very special May Holiday goods, from celebratory fireworks to festive holiday costumes! The most important of all, however, is the Victorious Banner!



While the banner is equipped, players are marked with a buff indicating they are ready to perform heroic deeds. While active, players who slay enemies will earn a stackable buff that can later be traded for special gifts depending on how many deeds were achieved before use.

Heroic Deed

To be rewarded for your efforts, you can convert heroic deeds into gifts by using a stationary Victorious Banner in your capital city.


The more Deeds you collect, the better and more plentiful the reward!

Tiny Small Medium Large
1-49 heroic deeds 3 0 0 0
50-199 heroic deeds 5 2 0 0
200-499 heroic deeds 6 3 1 0
500-1190 heroic deeds 5 4 2 1
1190-1200 heroic deeds 2 6 3 3

Fighting on an empty stomach is never fun. If you'd rather a more relaxing approach to heroic deeds, players can first take part in a very pleasant activity - kebab preparation.

By taking a quest from the Holiday Committee Officials, along with supplies and ingredients from Silantiy Vinegarov in Novograd or Timur Kefirin in Nezebrad - such as marinated meat, barbecue utensils and firewood - players will have the opportunity to cook their own kebabs in a peaceful location of their choice.

May bbq

Do you like your kebab raw, well-done, or overdone? Either way, cooking kebabs are a great way of amplifying the importance of your Heroic Deeds!

May Kebab

We hope you enjoy the sunshine, delicious food and festive activities of the May Holidays!

-The Allods Team