New Year Celebration: 2015-2016
New Year Celebration: 2015-2016


Greetings, Sarnaut!

Tis the season to be jolly - so crack open some champaign, pull out the decorations, send your gift cards, and collect your presents! Father Winter and the Snow Maiden have arrived in Nezebgrad and Novograd with a sleigh full of gifts and festivities to help spread the word.

Will you be generous and kind, or will you steal in the name of Greedy Grandfather Frost?


From the 21st of December until the 15th of January, players will be able to take part in many festive activities - from decorating the city with trees and candy, to placing presents for friends and strangers alike. Maybe you'd like a friendly snowball fight, relax and enjoy some festive treats in the park, or keep the greedy citizens in check with a well aimed snowball?

Father Winter has all the information you need on New Year Celebration, and the Snow Maiden has a special collection of rewards for players who build a generous reputation, such as unique costumes and clothing, mount colour patterns, and presents of all shapes and sizes!

Beware! Opening gifts may bring out the greed in you! If you get greedy, you'll be marked by Greedy Grandfather Frost and can steal more presents than you deserve! If you steal 10 presents, you get to keep everything - and if you notice someone else being greedy, you can steal presents back by hitting them with 10 snowballs. Keep an eye out when decorating or collecting gifts, as it may be the perfect time to be naughty, or nice!


Happy Holidays, everyone! We hope you have lots of fun and have a fantastic new year!

-The Allods Team