New Year event special!
New Year event special!

Dear Sarnaut,

The year is almost over! Most people have already decorated their Christmas Trees, however, we have got a small event for you.

The task is simple: create an Allods Online related Christmas tree decoration. It can be a ball with some Allods Online picture on it or any other kind of tree decoration, but it should be related to Allods Online.

Then take a picture of your decoration together with a handwritten paper of your in-game name and post it into the dedicated Event thread.

The event will last from December 24th until January 7th. The forum thread for submitting entries will close on January 7th (approximately 16:00 game time).

After 3 winners have been chosen by Administration, players will be able to choose another winner from the remaining participants.

All valid participants will receive a reward.

The rewards go as follows:

  • 1st place: 5000 or (p2p) + Wings of Frosty Tracery

Wings of Frosty Tracery

  • 2nd place: 2500 or (p2p)
  • 3rd place: 1000 or (p2p)
  • Player's favorite: 1000 or (p2p)
  • All valid participants: 250 or (p2p)

Good luck!