Not a Day without a Gift - Revamp!
Not a Day without a Gift - Revamp!


The Colors of War have painted a different picture of Sarnaut as we know it! With this new update, the Not a day without a gift returns with a new livery!

Regardless how long you have been part of this community, each new update brings forth new opportunities to have an active role in the ongoing happenings of Novograd and Nezebgrad. With that said, we pronounce all of YOU as pioneers of the League and Empire!

As the first settlers of the Colors of War, you will have a chance to win 31 days of prizes starting from August 14th, 2014 to September 14th, 2014!

So let's get to what you have to do! From Thursday you simply earn Gift packs for every daily visit and Weekly gifts for each cycles of 7/14/21/28 visits. When we say log in we don't mean, log in, run through an instance or two and complete some quests, we actually just mean that you have to log in and say hi to everyone and you'll be eligible for that day!

Opening daily gift packs rewards you with one of the following items:

  • Drops of Myrrh (4000 - 6000 units)
  • Lucid Tear of the Dragon (70 -100 units)
  • Pure Tear of the Dragon (40 - 60 units)
  • Glowing Tear of the Dragon (15 - 20 units with lifetime of 30 days)

If your character is level 52 or higher, you will receive tears of any quality or myrrh. If your character level is lower than 52, you will only receive Drops of Myrrh. When obtaining the box at level 51, but opening it at level 52, you will receive dragon tears.


Weekly gifts contain one Weekly visit. Weekly visits is a new alternative currency that can be exchanged for top costumes and other cool stuff from either Antoine de Ardeur (League players) or Valentin Rubashkin (Empire players) in your capital city:

Name Description Costs
Combat Wolf Teaches you how to summon Combat Wolf. If you already have this type of mount, you will obtain the corresponding color pattern for it. 4 Weekly visits
Outfit of a Happy Pioneer Fashionable, cozy and spot-resistant clothes. You may wear it to hunt treasures in a volcanic orifice and then go directly to a white-tie reception. 2 Weekly visits
Shoulders of a Happy Pioneer Your loyal clockwork owl will always give you a hoot. 2 Weekly visits
Goggles of a Happy Pioneer These wonderful goggles combine light filter, binocular, range scope, microscope, telescope, eye-shield and a power scope. They're able to reveal every single mystery of Sarnaut! 1 Weekly visit
Backpack of a Happy Pioneer Holds all kinds of things a naturalist might need - from a rope to a crochet hook. 1 Weekly visit


Players from New Frontier (free to play) can also exchange their marks for special league and empire costumes while players from Smuggler's Paradise (pay to play) can stock up their wardrobes with wings and shoulder costumes.

Join in the discussion on our Official Forums and tell us: which vanity item do you want to buy with your weekly visits?