Open your Eyes and join in with the Arisen Festival!
Open your Eyes and join in with the Arisen Festival!


You might know a little about Tep, the powerful necromancer that gives you such a hard time in his pyramid, but do you really know everything about him? Do you know, for example, that despite the fact that the Zems fought against him, without Tep, you might not even exist, or would be dead already? Near the time of the June curse, he found a way to capture the Spark of Life; the entity that you might refer to as “soul”. He built a Pyramid to trap the Sparks as they were leaving dead bodies. But the Zems rose against him and fought until the very last man to defeat Tep. At his death, the sparks of the fallen Zem fighters came back to their body, but all they found was half-rotten flesh.

The people of Zem are the oldest race in Sarnaut and they managed to rise after death. They found a way to replace their mummified flesh with mechanical body parts and today they are a respected race among the Empire. Very intelligent and advanced, especially in the science domain, we say that only a fool would dare risk offending an Arisen.

So why are we telling you this? No, it’s not only because the youth of Sarnaut tend to forget their history…even if it’s true! Kids nowadays are more interested in goblinball than the heritage of…hum, well, anyway, my point is… the Arisens today are one of the most important races in Sarnaut, and it’s about time for them to celebrate their existence! So Arisens, be ready, put your ornaments on your pyramid, make them shine through the night and tune up your bass guitars!


From the 14th to the 21st of August, the Arisen are the only race that matters on Sarnaut !
If you are looking for a special place to celebrate, you will find the Holiday Committee Official in Yasker's Tower in Nezebgrad. it will be a good opportunity to trade your Anniversary Coins for a unique costume made specifically for this occasion.

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Join us on our official forums and tell us, What tunes will you play for your Arisen brothers and sisters during the festival?