Paladin event – Put Your Faith in the Light
Paladin event – Put Your Faith in the Light

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At the dawn of its existence, the Church did not intervene in human affairs. Both the priests of the Church of Light and the clergy of the Trinity Church would preach, bless, heal, perform burial rites and spread faith in the Power of Light.

No-no, the Church never forced anyone to accept faith in the Light - true faith can only be accepted with an open heart, not by coercion! Still, there were those who stood in the Church's way.

Heretics, renegades and other kinds of vicious savages not only denied faith in Light, they also attacked priests, plundered churches, destroyed chapels... It was then that the clerics summoned the Wrath of retribution upon the heads of the wicked!

There were some priests who took off their robes, vowing to protect their faith through force, and took the fight to the enemies of the Light! Those valiant souls became the first Paladins, loyal servants and fearless defenders of the Church, wielding the power granted by the Light.

These days, all Paladins of Allods gather and honor those who died bravely in the battle for light, faith and righteousness.

Visit the local Holiday Committee Official in your capital city and spend your Anniversary Coins between May 29, 2014 and June 5, 2014 in order to obtain unique items and costumes.

Paladin Event