Return To the Battle of Summerhold
Return To the Battle of Summerhold

The giant mechanical golem has emerged from the depths once again. The League and the Empire must set aside their differences and work together to defeat him ! Read the article below and join the Battle of Summerhold...

Maus has one simple objective; escape from Summerhold and unleash chaos and destruction across all of Sarnaut. In order to stop his plan, the first thing you must do is meet with Sarang Panzer. He will explain to you everything you need to know to defeat the ancient golem and his minions.


This terrible foe rampages through Summerhold on a path to destroy as many of these chests as possible. Your task, and the task of your comrades, is to stop him! The faster you destroy Maus, the greater your rewards will be! You will have three chances to do so daily; this can be done by signing up to the Summerhold skirmish in the Skirmishes tab in your interface.

Once enough players have signed up the instance will open and you'll be transported to Summerhold, where you can test yourself in a tutorial or simply jump straight into the action against Maus by choosing one of four tanks! Each skirmish requires 12 players to sign up, with the duration of the event being one hour.

The prizes on offer currently range from vanity outfits to bonus experience, health & mana consumables and the ability to turn into a Mini-Maus! You can also grab a Maus Projector and show your faction leader and comrades back home what they missed out on!


The Event will run from August the 1st until midnight on August the 30th.

The Allods Team