Scout's Holidays: Silent Days!
Scout's Holidays: Silent Days!


You often curse these furtive soldiers: you see them, then they disappear, only to reappear and finally finish you off on the Battleground in one shot! You used to mock them for their devious tactics, but deep inside you are glad they are on your side... For all the Robin Hoods, Clint Bartons and Oliver Queens of Sarnaut:


We are glad to announce the start of the Scout's Holidays: Silent Days!
Join in the party from the 4th until 13th of September!

Before presenting you with some great accessories, you should know one thing: Silent Days isn't all about celebrating and in doing so, letting your guard down. It is the time for invisibility masters to test their recruits and see if they are fit to be the best of the best!

Good news for all rookies, not only will you have the chance to get your hands on the most dashing costume but you will have a special potion to help you vanish into thin air!

If you are eager to discover the great rewards for being a furtive master, go and visit the Holiday Committee Members of your faction to find the following items:

hood of dancing shadows Hood of Dancing Shadows
garments of dancing shadows Garments of Dancing Shadows
cloak of dancing shadows.jpg Cloak of Dancing Shadows
sharpshooters quiver Sharpshooter's Quiver
potion of disguise Potion of Disguise



If infiltration wasn't your strongest suit in the academy, no need to hide behind the curtains or paint your face in order to get these articles! Just ask a friendly Scout, unless he is more the type to use the Auction House to sell his wares, as the items can be sold or exchanged!

Join in with the party from the 4th until 13th of September... If you can find it!