Spooky Halloween Sale - 31/10/19
Spooky Halloween Sale - 31/10/19

Zombies are crawling around Yasker's Tower and the Elven Quarter. Astral Demons are not just a nightmare anymore. Gibberling children are already hiding under their little beds, and Orcs are carrying out ancient rituals while wearing garlic wreaths to scare the ghosts away.

Halloween is here on Sarnaut and you are late for the Monster's Ball!

The Witch's Broom will provide you with the fastest way to travel around Sarnaut, though be mindful that this special Halloween item will only be usable during the Halloween event in game. Once the Halloween event ends on October 31st, the broom cannot be used anymore, so be sure to use this time to speed around in style!

Halloween wouldn't be the night of the Horror without our exclusive accessories for the Monster's Ball! From the 31th of October until the 14th of November, our spooky items will be available in the Boutique!

Don your Cemetery Mask or Pumpkin Head, empty the Spirited Bucket, stir the Witch's Cauldron, and berate your Good & Evil companions for not checking out the latest addition to the spooky accessory collection – the Twilight Bat and Bloodthirsty Bat, available now!

These Halloween loving bats will follow you anywhere you please, and if you stand still long enough, the bat of choice will setup its own perch and relax with you.

The Halloween event will also come to the Smuggler's Paradise! Acquire creepy costumes and other vanity items with Platinum Coins from the Holiday Committee Officials in the capital, with a new addition to the collection – the Klobuk of the Latter-Day Witness!

Please note that both the broom & bat-pets are not available on Smuggler's Paradise!

Don't be afraid to login and check out all the scary goodness!

Check out the free broom available in the shop! It will be available for an entire week!

Allods Team