Summoner Holiday - Dance of Death!
Summoner Holiday - Dance of Death!


Bring out your dead!

During this event, players can exchange their anniversary coins with Colette de Blizare of the League, or Polina Ulybkina of the Empire - But what do they have in store for you?

Spooky items that allow you to transform into your beloved Hellion, Fiend and other creatures, as well as a chance to see skeletal NPC's thanks to high-tech glasses, or watch the darkness descend upon you when wearing a mysterious hat!


dod01_0.jpg Zem Scientist's Glasses
dod02.jpg Technomancer's Helmet
dod03.jpg Mask of the Puppet Master
dod04.jpg Cadaveromicon

This event will start on October 17th and ends on October 24th.

For the latest minion fashion tips, or chat about the event, visit the Dedicated Discussion!

-The Allods Team