Swimsuit contest – The results are in!
Swimsuit contest – The results are in!

Tropical Atoll

Dear players,

Summer is in full bloom, and we were overwhelmed by the many entries you submitted for the Swimsuit contest. After carefully looking at all the designs, the following entries were chosen as winners, as well as comments from the Allods art team:

1st place: Sulisi and their “marine” design (2nd design in the post)

Sulisi has developed a neatly balanced piece, which combines a promising and creative design and meets all the technical requirements. This means that the swimsuit can be easily brough to life in the game! The work included both male and female designs, which also added up to the victory. This is the way for the new fashion to go!

2nd place: Biromir and their “pink coral” design containing lots of interesting details!

This is the most carefully detailed and perfectly polished piece of all! The art quality is as close to the production standards as can be. Bravo!

3rd place: Tttroy and their “arisen inspired” design

Don't you just love the amazing and fresh outlook at the Zem girls? This is what we call creativity!

Looks like the marine style is coming into trend at the Tropical Atoll!


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The Allods Team