Task Force: Update
Task Force: Update

Dear Sarnaut,

Since the debut of "Task Force" on the 24th of June, the community have completely blown us away with over 200 posts worth of entries and achievements!

The first global-score goal of 1,000 achievement points was soundly beaten, meaning players have successfully unlocked a weekend of Lucky Moments for both servers sometime after the event's conclusion on the 24th of July.

However, the fun doesn't stop there!

New stretch goals are now being added. For every 1,000 global score points (excluding the first), the lucky bonus will be extended by an additional day!

Example: 6k global points >> original 1k goal (weekend) + 5k extra (5 days) = a week of lucky bonuses for both servers.

Don't forget that players also earn individual rewards based on their contribution:

Contribution Prize
F2P - 20 Pts 500 Premium Crystals, 5 Anniversary Silver Coins
P2P - 20 Pts Subscription (one week), 5 Anniversary Silver Coins
F2P - 50 Pts 1,250 Premium Crystals, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins, Jerboa Pet
P2P - 50 Pts Subscription time (two weeks), 5 Anniversary Gold Coins, Jerboa Pet
F2P - 100 Pts 3,000 Premium Crystals, 5 Anniversary Platinum Coins, Jerboa Pet, Winners Wings
P2P - 100 Pts Subscription time (one month), 5 Anniversary Platinum Coins, Jerboa Pet, Winners Wings

We'd like to thank everyone for taking part in our new event and hope you have fun achieving the tasks and challenges set before you!

-The Allods Team