TODAY - Lucky Day event
TODAY - Lucky Day event


Dear players!

There is something to celebrate: The German National Football (Soccer) team beating Brazil in the Semi-Final and into the World Cup final.

Now you might say: "Ok, that's already happened the one time or another."
But this victory was historic: Never before has a team scored as many goals in a semi-final of a World Cup. Within the first half alone, Brazil, the footballing nation, had conceded 5 goals. With Germany going on to inflict a heavy 1-7 defeat on the host nation!

But we're not finished yet, there was another record broken during the German's victory against Brazil: In the 23rd minute Miroslav Klose scored his 16th World Cup goal, beating Ronaldo (with 15 goals) as the top scorer in the World Championships.

To celebrate the historic events we will be running a Lucky Day event for you all!
This event will run from now 14:00 CET (04:00 PST) until the start of the maintenance tomorrow (14:00 CET/04:00 PST).

Join us on our Official Forums in congratulating the German National team. For the football (soccer) fans out there tell us: what were you doing during this historic event?