Tropic Atoll: Cocktail Contest
Tropic Atoll: Cocktail Contest

Help us shine some summer sunlight on Sarnaut by filling up the bar with ice-cold drinks of your own design! The Tropic Atoll is open, yet the bar may close without you to lend a hand – so, feel like working the bar for a day?

We’ve got splendid summer prizes on the line for heroes who can concoct the most refreshing drink using imaginative ingredients that can only be found in the world of Sarnaut! An elixir of brutality to give it a kick, or maybe water it down with an animalist potion? Too many leather straps from the rhinos of Asee Teph in your bag? Can you actually make an undead skull taste good?


Simply compose a list of ingredients from Sarnaut you’d use to make a cocktail for visitors to the Tropic Atoll to be in with chance at these lovely prizes:

PRIZES (per server)

Rank Prize
1 Swimsuit of your choice
3,000 Premium Crystals
4 Anniversary Platinum Coins
2 Swimsuit of your choice
2,000 Premium Crystals
3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins
3 Swimsuit of your choice
1,000 Premium Crystals
3 Anniversary Platinum Coins
4-10 Swimsuit of your choice
500 Premium Crystals
2 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 3 Anniversary Gold Coins

As always, if a winner resides on Smuggler’s Paradise (P2P), the reward will be converted into subscription time.

The contest begins on the 21st of June and ends on the 12th of July. You can use any ingredients you like, no matter how realistic or comedic they may be. Once done with your list of ingredients, submit it to the dedicated “Cocktail Contest” thread (along with your character name, server and desired swimsuit) and we’ll select the lucky winners once the contest has ended.

We look forward to taste-testing your delicious creation!

-The Allods Team