Unity Day: Kanian Event - 16/07/2017
Unity Day: Kanian Event - 16/07/2017

Dear Sarnaut,

Long before the destruction of Sarnaut, new nations emerged after the fall of the Junes civilization. They called themselves Aro, or "humans" - though they were not united.

Thanks to countless bloody disputes over the dominions, they were losing their best warriors and brought misery upon their peers. This was put to an end when a greater danger loomed over their territory: the Orcs.


The human tribes couldn't resist their invasion on their own. After countless villages burned to the ground, only one solution could ensure their survival: the unity of the tribes.

The united army of Aro overpowered the Orcs in a glorious battle that pushed them back into wilderness.

This wasn't the only victory however, as their union led to something more meaningful: a friendship which led to the formation of one of the greatest nations on Sarnaut, the Kanians!

From the 16th of July, we celebrate Unity Day - encouraging all proud Kanians to visit the Holiday Committee, who have special costumes to share.


Not only do the Holiday Committee Officials offer all Kanians new attire - but also the opportunity to learn the Psaltery!

ico1.png Boyar Cap
ico2.png Palatine Cap
ico3.png Boyar Outfit
ico4.png Palatine Outfit
ico5.png Psaltery

It's a great day to be Kanian!

-The Allods Team