7.0 "New Order": Collector's Edition FAQ
7.0 "New Order": Collector's Edition FAQ


Dear Sarnaut,

Since the release of 7.0: New Order and its Collector's Edition, a lot of questions had been asked and answered in the dedicated discussion. All of these answers have now been compiled into a FAQ for convenience that we'll keep up to date as time moves on.

Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to visit the Collector's Edition Thread and post your query!



  • Click here for a full list of the contents of the Collectors Edition & Starter Kit.

  • Click here for information on how these packs operate on the subscription server (Smuggler's Paradise).


  • How long will these packs be purchasable for?
    The 7.0 Collectors Edition will be available for purchase for as long as 7.0: New Order is active on the servers (ie. quite a long time).

  • Can we purchase and use the Starter Kit & Collector's Edition together?
    Yes, both packs are regarded as separate from each other, though their contents can only be received once per character.

  • Can we buy/use multiple packs of the same type?
    No, once a pack has been used by a character, you cannot re-activate a second one of the same type (ie. 2xCollector's Editions).

  • If I buy both, does this effect what I receive?
    No, if you activate a Collector's Edition, then decide you'd also like a Starter Kit, you will still receive all Starter Kit items after purchase. However, remember that both the Starter Kit and the Collector's Edition can only be activated once (each) per character.

  • Which character(s) on the account receives the items?
    Packs will be sent to all characters existing on the account at the time of purchase, as well as characters that are created after the purchase was made. For example: If you purchase a Collector's Edition in April and make a new character in May, that character will also receive the Collector's Edition.

  • Can we purchase these packs using Crystals?
    Yes, this feature was implemented shortly after the release of 7.0. If you'd prefer to use crystals for your purchase, simply click "Buy" on the pack you desire, then use the "Buy With Crystals" link at the very top-left of the Confirmation & Payment page.

NOTE: The contents of the packs do not change in any way if purchased with crystals.

We'd like to thank the community for their passionate feedback and suggestions since the release of 7.0: New Order and wish you the best of luck in future seasons of its content!

-The Allods Team