Server First EU / NA server kill: Death
Server First EU / NA server kill: Death


On May 20, the members of the guild Sons of Sigma assembled in front of the Eclipse, ready to face the second boss of the instance - an evil Astral Demon called Death!
At 10 PM CET, the Sons of Sigma was able to beat Death at his own game! They are the first guild on the EU / NA servers that have managed to kill this boss.

The Allods team had the chance to talk to the Sons of Sigma raid leader (Blacktoast) and he answered some questions. Thanks for your time!

How long did you try to kill the boss ?
We tried to kill the boss at two of our raiddays. The amount of tries in total is probably 10-15. Our raid was concentrated and willing to kill the boss. So we did our best to succeed!

Did you like the boss mechanics?
I actually like the tactics for this boss. The hardest part for us was how to use the jetpacks.

Do you think you'll be able to kill more bosses soon?
We are looking forward to the next bosses, but we can't say anything about when we will kill them.

What do you like about the new raid?
Story side, the instance is pretty good. But to be honest the first bosses are okay/hard but the following bosses are pretty damn easy, as some of you saw in the Russian videos.

How do you like the raid compared to the previous ones?
I think this instance is pretty well designed, but every instance is good on it's own and I like how they mixed the story so well with the instance.

How do you prepare your group for kills?
The raidlead explains the tactic to everyone and makes sure everybody understands what to do. If somebody does something wrong, the raidlead will show how it's done so the mistake won't happen again. Also it's always good to have a positive atmosphere while raiding, so everybody enjoys it.

We would like to congratulate the members of Sons of Sigma and thank Blacktoast for his time and effort.

Your Allods Team