Dear Allods players,

On behalf of Allods team let me welcome you on the new Allods Online Portal! It’s a thrilling moment in the game history: now all European and North American game loyal followers will finally gather on the same server and same portal! We’re certain that you’re as positive and excited about it as we, your new operation team, are.

Let me thank you for choosing to continue this wonderful adventure in Allods Universe! And reassure that we are striving to provide you with the perfect game experience, just as well as we did with the 5.0.00 update.

I’m mentioning 5.0.00 a lot, because ‘Heart of the World’ – the name you all know – is a very special version for Allods team. It has a great number of innovations (like dynamic quest goals), alternative way of equipping your characters (the Wild Shore) and a brand new Stats system. To tell you the truth, it was a real challenge introducing the changes, and a few mistakes did indeed come up on this winding path. But by now they all have been corrected, so we’re happy that we have the opportunity to open access to the most fascinating expansion in Allods History – Heart of the World!

And of course we’re already working on 5.0.01 localization, so it’s going to be a very short waiting time. In a just couple of weeks we will start announcing its features.

Shortly we will be introducing all of the operation team members, starting, of course, with your new friends – Community Managers!

Now I'll have to restrain myself from willing to tell you more! Just let me once again say how happy we are with this great opportunity to be closer to Allods fans. Let us begin the new chapter in the game history book together...

Your producer