Maintenance - Hotfix
Maintenance - Hotfix


Dear Sarnaut,

We've an upcoming maintenance taking place tomorrow between:

  • 09:00 - 11:00 Central European Time (CET).
  • 00:00 - 02:00 Pacific Standard Time (US).

During this time we'll be implementing the hotfix, and you can find the patch notes below. While waiting, why not catch the latest news?



  • Now Aoidoi may receive Heroes' Routine and Not a Day without a Feat quests.
  • Male Aoidoi no longer experience any graphic distortions in jumps.
  • Fixed an issue where the Holy Weapon of Judgement would not change its appearance.
  • Fixed an issue where the crafting price for some tools would not be updated at the start of the season. The prices are now updated (now you need twice the amount of coal and threads).
  • Daily Lottery: Elixirs are now fully identical to the ones that players may craft using Alchemy.
  • Daily Lottery: Now characters may not simultaneously summon more than one cauldron with an elixir.
  • Manabike: Increased ramming damage.
  • Characters with equipped Assault Shells are no longer considered mounted and are no longer affected by abilities with increased damage to mounted units.


  • If two characters earn an equal amount of Prestige points, the character that entered the leaderboards first will rank higher.
  • Madness of War: The effect can no longer be used in June Catacombs skirmish.
  • Madness of War: Fixed the description of the effect.


  • Ammer: Lowered the amount of loot received for killing Lizards and Sheep.
  • Ammer: Increased the respawn cooldown for Lizards, Sheep, and Snakes.
  • Irdrich: Now the Big Kaboom! quest also unlocks the portal to the Rebel Refuge.


  • Maverick: Fixed an issue where Peals of Thunder would induce damage in an incorrect range.
  • Maverick: Fixed an issue where Breakdown could be placed into an already destroyed part of the bridge.