Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright
Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright

Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright

To the joy of astralonauts, Expert Goblin’s Treasury announces the launch of Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright. Now each captain can equip their ship with the state-of-the-art technology without risking the crew and the loot!

Think about it, captains. There must have been times when you cursed and wished you had a fully equipped warship capable of taking on any enemy as you crossed paths with ferocious astral monsters and greedy pirates. And every time you had to make a decision at your own peril - to run or to fight!

In the Strongbox you will find both adaptive equipment - cannons, shields and engines - and a unique hull with additional slots for cannons! You can purchase the Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright in the Boutique from Thursday, 27th March to Monday, 31st March! This is a limited time offer, so hurry up!

Attention! All devices from the list below are adaptive. Thus characteristics provided in the descriptions may vary depending on the Astral layer.

Ship's hull upgrade module: Corvette Improves the hull of the ship to Corvette level and adds two aft and two side cannons. The ship must be summoned in the hangar. This modification will be maintained through any further upgrades to the hull, all the way to the latest generations of technology.
Universal Device Talk to Master Goblin at the Boutique Headquarters to trade this device for the Modified reactor "Source" or Forced engine "Storm". 1 Universal Device could be traded for 10 fragments of the hull refinement Module.
Reinforced Shield "Force" You can trade 10 reinforced shields for 1 universal device; or trade just one for a fragment of the Hull Refinement Module.
Experimental adaptive cannon

Other useful items you may get from the Strongbox:

Hull Upgrade Module - Fragment
Combine 100 of these fragments to obtain a Hull Upgrade Module.
Shred of Universal Device design

Combine 100 shreds to receive a universal device that you can exchange for Modified Reactor "Source" or Forced Engine "Storm".
Shred of Reinforced Shield "Force"
Combine 100 shreds to receive Reinforced Shield "Force".
Shred of Experimental Adaptive Cannon design

Combine 100 shreds to receive Experimental Adaptive Cannon.

The character that opens the largest number of strongboxes during the day becomes the winner and receives a unique blueprint of a pirate ship
For the League:
Or for the Empire:

As well as a Scanner “Logos” which does not require emanations when searching for islands.
Daily lottery, jackpots and special strongboxes will be available from March, 27th to March, 31st.