Allods and the World Cup!
Allods and the World Cup!


Dear residents of Sarnaut!

As you all know the Fifa World Cup in Brazil is almost here! The grills are heated, the drinks are chilled and the screens for public viewing are put up.

In Allods, we also take part in the World Cup and the most skilled tailors created fine kits for you to show off your affiliation.

For players on the New Frontier server, you will find our brand new fan shirts in the “Set” tab of the boutique.

For players on the Smugglers Paradise server, please head to the local Holiday Committee Official in order to purchase the kits in exchange for Anniversary Coins.

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The event starts on June 11 2014 and ends on July 13.

We wish you a happy and pleasant World Cup! May the best team win!

Join in the discussion on our Official Forums and tell us: Who do you want to win the Fifa World Cup 2014?

Your Allods Team