Black Friday Sale: Mega Mount Madness
Black Friday Sale: Mega Mount Madness


Dear Sarnaut,

From legendary warhorses to flying carpets, three eyed cats to treelike tuskers - if it can be tamed, it can be sold to a caring new owner! Tired of your sleepy old mare? Mammoth tusks ruining your view during long treks across an Allod? If you're looking for exotic alternatives, or simply wish to add more fascinating creatures to your growing mount collection, then the Black Friday Sale is dedicated to you this weekend!


Between November 28th and December 1st, a monstrous menagerie will be available for purchase from the Allods Boutique at a whopping discount. Treat your new travelling companions right and they'll look after you in return!


Many forgotten creatures of legend are eager to find new masters who'll ride them into battle, or show them off at the local stable. Whether you're a renowned collector, curious shopper, or a even a first timer rider, many amazing beasts will be looking for new homes this weekend!


We hope you enjoy the mega mount madness - and don't forget to share screenshots of your mount in action in the Black Friday Dedicated Discussion thread!

-The Allods Team