Boost: Blue crystals millions sale - 24/09/2018
Boost: Blue crystals millions sale - 24/09/2018

Dear Sarnaut,

Welcome to the Million-Sale! We're happy to announce that a special Blue Crystal pool, courtesy of Goblin Banker, will now be used to enhance all crystal purchases by 30%!

Unlike most sales or events, this one doesn't end on a set date. Instead, it will be tied directly to how many Blue Crystals remain in the Bonus Pool, which you can view at any time via the main page of our website. Once this meter fills up to 100% (ie. we run out of bonus crystals), the event will end - so don't miss out on this whopping 30% bonus boost!


• A crystal boost is now live, giving all crystal purchases 30% extra via Crystals.
• Bonus blue crystals are taken from a special premium pool, represented by a meter on the main page.

Looking to treat yourself or stock up for the holidays? The Million-Sale is the perfect opportunity to get the crystalline edge you need to make your dreams come true!

Allods Team