Ending Soon: Marianne's Secret Stash
Ending Soon: Marianne's Secret Stash


Dear Sarnaut,

We'd like to remind you that the Love Festival, as well as any associated events, such as the sale of Marianne's Secret Stash, ends on the 19th of February (noon CEST tomorrow), so don't miss out on the opportunity for these great items!

Marianne's Secret Stash is laden with stylish under-silks for extremely special occasions - so why not add vintage race-themed lingerie to your silky collection and entice your partner?

You can purchase set-pieces individually, or as a complete bundle!


In addition - there are only a few days left to partake in our Guild Portal Event, with a chance of winning Premium Crystals, Anniversary Coins, and the unique Passion Set.

Don't miss out on all these great opportunities!

-The Allods Team