Halo Sale – 18/03/16
Halo Sale – 18/03/16


Dear Sarnaut,

As inhabitants of Sarnaut reach maturity, they must undergo a rite of initiation to embrace one of the most magical of powers – a power involving the twelve patrons, great mages who sacrificed their lives so that Sarnaut could be saved from total annihilation due to a tremendous cataclysm. Thanks to these martyrs, not only was Sarnaut saved from destruction, but all of its citizens have acquired their blessing, with the most dedicated of believers receiving even more powerful gifts of power through time, dedication and prayer.

HBAO Patronage Box
50% discount via blue crystals.

During the Halo Sale, which begins on the 18th of March and ends on the 23rd, the Patronage Box in the boutique will be granted a 50% discount thanks to Goblin Banker, giving all players a great chance at temporarily boosting their blessings, whilst those who are dedicated entirely to patron worship – enough to gain the coveted 5th level of Patronage – will gain permanent patron support!


Don't miss this rare opportunity to gain a particle of power of one of the twelve patrons!

-The Allods Team