Miraculous Ark: 83% discount
Miraculous Ark: 83% discount

Do you want to instantly raise the level of your character to level 70? Then hurry up, since you can do it on very favorable terms until January 13th!

Purchase Miraculous Ark with an 83% discount for only 1000 purple crystals!

Reminder: to instantly increase the level of your character to 70th it is necessary to purchase the Miraculous Ark in the Rarities Shop ("Character" subsection of the "Services" section). Activating this artifact will not only increase the level of your character, but will also provide you with everything you need for a comfortable game. A set of runes of the 5th stage, 4th Level of patronage and a set of Rare Equipment are included!

The Miraculous Ark can be used once a season by any character from the 4th to 69th level, except for incarnations. The runes from the Ark or the Beginner's Backpack can only be obtained once.

Aside from that, no restrictions! The Miraculous Ark greatly shortens the time of the character's leveling.

Do not miss your chance to buy this valuable item at a super price!

We wish you a pleasant game!