Need For Speed: Miraculous Ark & Manabike
Need For Speed: Miraculous Ark & Manabike

Dear Sarnaut,

They say time is of the essence, so what better way to quell the need for speed than renting a top-notch Manabike and rushing towards a heavily discounted, level boosting miracle?

Through tireless months of spell-weaving – using a bucket full of prayers, an angry chicken, and a dash of unpredictable wild magic – someone stumbled upon a formula for the ultimate spell-scroll that is capable of super-amplifying the power of progenitors!

The wonderful Miraculous Ark is now available at an extreme discount! This single use scroll is so powerful that it can instantly level any Progenitor (level 4-59) to level 65, allowing you to rush ever closer to the all-important level cap. Priden characters who wish to gain this power must first complete their starter quests and select a faction before they are eligible for this knowledge.

In addition, goblin inventors also require your assistance with a "Rent and Test" run involving their latest prototype, the "Unstable Manabike" - a limited edition super-device that is capable of ground-breaking speed.

Everyone now has the opportunity to purchase a special trinket that allows you to rent'n'ride your very own Unstable Manabike for one week.


Once the lease is paid, there are no additional costs - no mana batteries, skills, or food - and it even comes with its own skin: Currents of Infinity, though bear in mind that no other skin can be applied to the borrowed Manabike.

If you're brave enough to mount this level 11 high-speed machine, you better bring a helmet!

This impressive combination – available from the 30th of June, until the 4th of July – will ensure you get where you need to go, right now!

-The Allods Team