Patron Chest on sale - 50% off, don't miss it !
Patron Chest on sale - 50% off, don't miss it !


Dear players,

The power of the Twelve is always supporting the fearless adventurers of Sarnaut. As such, their power is infused in the runes, and the Patrons obtain some powerful skills as well as bonuses to their offensive and defensive abilities.

In order to attain a glimpse of the fifth level of Patronage (a temporary buff), you will need to use 100 Holy Symbols. The most devoted followers who can collect 10.000 Holy Symbols will receive a permanent buff and an aura to go with it in order to prove their devotion to their Patron.

The Goblin Banker decided to launch a special sale today so everyone can take part to the worship of the Twelve !
Grab the special Patron Chest for a discounted price (of 50%!!) when buying the chest using the Blue Crystals from the 11th of September to the 15th of September at 11:59 CET.

The Allods Team