Prophetic Cards of the Distant Stars
Prophetic Cards of the Distant Stars

Hooray! Ancient Compasses have just appeared in the rarities shop, which means that the long-awaited «Prophetic Cards» sale has started.

Guided by a compass and a map will be able to find unique riding aids, whole deposits of crystal chips and gold dust, useful items, as well as an incredible number of costumes and accessories.

Steed Constellation
Gryphon Constellation
Dragon Constellation
Wolf Constellation
Hero Constellation

Don't forget that among other values you can get useful elixirs and provisions, with which you can temporarily strengthen the attacking and defensive abilities of your character.

By the way, a unit of provisions obtained through the «Prophetic Cards» can be exchanged for any essence. The expiration date of the essence is inherited from the lifespan of the provision that you have exchanged.

The sale will be over on April 19th!