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Prophetic Cards For subscription server!
Prophetic Cards For subscription server!

Starting with April 09th and until April 30th every player of the subscription server will be able to participate in a treasure hunt with Prophetic Cards and Ancient Compasses.

You will be able to receive mounts of rank 6!

Color Pattern: Wasp
Color Pattern: Hornet
Color Pattern: Acride
Color Pattern: Ancestors' Guidance



Important clarifications

Added alternative ways to get in-game rewards.

  • Wraiths can be obtained for killing bosses in the Battle of the Gods raid adventure and the "Gates" Project (high difficulty).

While searching for treasure, you might find some core morphers, astral replicators, amalgam packs, various combat elixirs!

Upacked sealed core morphers have a lifetime of 7 days.

Prophetic cards can be received as a reward for killing monsters, or simply bought from holiday committees in your fraction's capital.

The sale will last from April 09th and until April 30th.

Good luck in your search!