Sale: Magic Mosaic - 13/10/17
Sale: Magic Mosaic - 13/10/17

Dear Sarnaut,

Fantastic prizes await those who combine the Magic Mosaic - an ancient artifact comprised of numerous small fragments. Those who are patient, with a little bit of luck, will get their hands on a Manabike, Overlord's Aegis, or a Titan!


In order to begin the Magic Mosaic game, you will need to purchase Magic Mosaic Tiles or Fragments from the Boutique. They can be purchased for:

  • Magic Mosaic Tile — 15 x
  • Magic Mosaic Fragment — 15 x
  • Set of Magic Fortune (100 Magic Mosaic Tiles) — 1300 x

These items, as well as items obtained by using them, are bound to your character.

By right-clicking on one of the items, the Magic Mosaic window will appear.


1) Number of symbols you won in this turn.
As a reward for playing, you’ll receive symbols that represent 3 PvP mounts:

Symbol of Manabike Combine 100 of these symbols to obtain a Manabike - a unique vehicle designed for mounted combat!
Symbol of Titan Combine 100 of these symbols to obtain Titan - a unique vehicle designed for mounted combat!
Symbol of Overlord's Aegis Combine 100 of these symbols to obtain Overlord's Aegis - a unique vehicle designed for mounted combat!

2) Number of Magic Mosaic tiles & fragments currently available.

3) Number of bets you've placed. You need to place your bet to start the game, with each round allowing you to place a maximum of 10 Tiles or Fragments as bets.

4) Field for placing bids. The rows will consist of 5 Symbols of Overlord's Aegis, 5 Symbols of Titan - and 5 Symbols of Manabike.

There are several combinations in which you can place your bets: 10 bets on one Symbol is risky tactic used by veteran gamblers.


Equal distribution of bets on all Symbols of one row - A safer method, used by casual visitors.


Distribute your bets whichever way you like, there are no restrictions as to the combinations you can make!


5) Mosaic elements and the current result. Now the magic begins and the parts will be shuffled! During each game the result will appear from among a total of 16 symbols: 5 Symbols of Overlord's Aegis, 5 Symbols of Titan, 5 Symbols of Manabike and one Bonus symbol. If you are lucky and a symbol that you bet on appears as the result, you will get as many corresponding symbols as you placed bets on this slot.

In addition, we've added a Jackpot to the game. In case of a Jackpot, your bet will be increased 100 times. For example, if you put just 1 bet on a slot, you’ll get 100 symbols. Imagine, if you put ALL ON ONE! Yes, you’ll get 1000 symbols, meaning 10 combat vehicles at once!

6) Number of Bonus symbols. Each Bonus symbol you win gets you closer to a bonus game. The number of bonus symbols you win equals to the total amount of bets you placed. After the bonus game, the next fews games will not spend Mosaic Fragments.

7) Your current winning total in the slot to the right of the mechanism.

8) Game History shows what type of mosaic elements were in previous turn(s).

9) Points of guaranteed prizes. In each game, the total of the bets placed on a certain prize is added to the guaranteed prize counter.


When the counter reaches the maximum value (50), you will receive an additional prize and the counter will be reset to zero.

10) Automatic game. With automatic mode on, the game will continue without your involvement until it runs out of Mosaic Fragments. The automatic mode will disable when the number of parts is insufficient for another game.

Lastly, you can end the game at any time and all prizes will be put into your bag once you close the window.

The Magic Mosaic will be available from Ocrober 13th until October 20th. Will you get your mittens on a Manabike, Overlord's Aegis, or a Titan? Place your bets to find out!

-The Allods Team