Sale: Miraculous Ark!
Sale: Miraculous Ark!

Dear Sarnaut,

A brand new power has been discovered and harnessed - the power of miracles!

Through tireless months of spell-weaving, using a bucket full of prayers, an angry chicken, and a dash of unpredictable wild magic, someone stumbled upon a formula for the ultimate spell-scroll that is capable of super-amplifying the power of progenitors!

From the 23rd until the 30th of April, the wonderful Miraculous Ark shall be available at an extreme discount! This single use scroll is so powerful that it can instantly level any Progenitor (level 4-59) to level 60, allowing you to rush ever closer to the all-important level cap. Priden characters who wish to gain this power must first complete their starter quests and select a faction before they are eligible for this knowledge.

Whether a first time Sarnaut superstar in the making, or a grizzled veteran on the cusp of creating another new hero, the Miraculous Ark will boost you into the fray with all necessary resources, equipment, and a complete set of level 5 runes to help you get on your feet.

Goblin Banker is renowned for his business sense - or, more accurately, his ability to sell anything that isn't nailed down - but even he couldn't predict that this wonderful phenomenon would go on-sale for 80% Off!

Do you believe in the power of miracles?

-The Allods Team